Kamron Engler

As Head of the Engler team for half a decade, Kamron infuses luxury into each deal. On your home-selling journey, he pays heed to all elements, from robust marketing campaigns to getting you to closing. His expertise not only refines and eases the process, but also injects a thrill into your home selling endeavor.

Kamron ensures to maximize these sentiments positively by fetching the optimal price. His method underscores clear communication, paving the path for a satisfying transaction.

Hannah Engler

Co-Founder and radiant leader of the Engler team, Hannah adds a touch of luxury to every deal, she meticulously oversees each transaction, be it buying or selling. Her sharp attention to detail streamlines and enriches your experience.

Hannah is aware of the emotions involved in real estate decisions. Her commitment is not just to secure the right price, but also to manage these emotions positively. With a strong emphasis on transparency, Hannah is your confident in the exciting journey of real estate.

Niki Shelley

As a skilled acquisition specialist with The Engler Group, Niki excels at identifying your dream home. Whether it's a short term rental Airbnb, a lakeside cabin, or a property with a breathtaking view, Niki is the ideal guide to unlocking your ideal living space.

Renowned for her morning "listing ritual" at the office, Niki starts her day by delving into the local property market over a cup of coffee. Her routine includes sharing snapshots of current listings with her team, enabling them to promptly match properties with clients' requirements.

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